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Was Cain The Author Of The Scroll Of Cain?
(Thomas AR)

The scroll of Cain no longer exists if in fact it ever did. It was reputed to have once been the property of the great Library in Alexandria, Egypt and either copied or carried back to Rome by Julius Ceasar. After Ceasar's death Mark Antony took charge of Ceasar's estate and interred a few of the Emporer's more valued possessions either with or beside his tomb. According to legend, the scroll (commonly refered to as the scroll of Cain) was re-discovered early in the third century and made the matter of translation into Latin from the original language (which original tongue it was written in was never recorded). The translation itself now lost, the only text surviving is of dubious accuracy and content. The narration contained therein is without surviving authorship but the content alludes to the biblical son of Adam, Cain, hence the name given to it.
The now non-existent scroll has no historical or research value as it's authorship, origin, and content are unsubstanciated. This was used as an element in the newly released fictional novel "Chariot of the Soul".

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