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How To Become Spiritually Awakened
(Venugopala Reddy A)

Our soul longs for infinite joy, infinite love , infinite bliss. Food should be pure. When food is pure, our nature becomes pure and when nature becomes pure, mind becomes pure and when the mind becomes pure, We remember our spiritual nature.. Gradually we are established in spiritual consciousness and that is emancipation. That is freedom. When the Self consciousness ( divine ) has dawned., we realised the Infinite Spirit.. Once that is done, one feels oneself one with the Infinite Spirit and all bonds drop off.
Let us take food. Does it mean pure food? Pure vegetarian food? How far does it help? It helps a little,but unless you know how to purify the mind, nothing happens. There are wicked people who are vegetarians. You feed a poisonous snake with the purest of milk. It will manufacture poison only. There are animals who take only vegetables - goats, sheep, cows, elephants etc., Are they spiritual? Our poisonous nature has to be discarded. Pure food we take, is for nourishment of the body. But the food we take through the eye, ear, the senses and the mind- all that food should be pure. Then your nature becomes pure, the subtle body becomes pure and then comes illumination.
' Don't see what is bad; see what is good.
Don't hear what is bad; hear what is good.
Don't say what is bad; say what is good.'
Make the best use of your vocal organ.
Take the name of the Creator. Meditate on Him.
Later on definitely you will have the glimse of your beloved God.

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