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Oh My Non-existent God!!!they Are As Famous As Dumb!!!

You've gotta be prepared if you want to know what some of the most famous people in the world have been stating! You've also gonna be extremely surprised to know that some politicians who you problably thought were intelligent (obviously not talking about George Bush) are as dumb as the lady who really needs to be hit by her ugly 1-year-old- fat- baby one more time for having said in an interview she loved to visit overseas countries such as Canada. Duh?!!!
The funny thing is that some of them think their postulations are rich in sense.We're talking about basketball players, singers, presidents (of course Bush is there!!!), Supermodels, Tv presenters,etc.
Have to say that some boxers' quotes are hilarious!!!Really K.O!!!
But it's not all in this website you find other fun stuff, you've got jokes, dumb videos,dumb criminals, people telling their bad date stories,other telling their most embarrassing moments,dumb laws,etc,etc.
I was in a really bad mood when accidentally while surfing the net I 'discovered' the site,( I remember that it was after I saw my father's girlfriend wearing a G-string. She's got this fat- butt- cheeks similar to a bulldog!!! Do you know Churchill.com? that's the one!) but they've got really wicked stuff so much so that after a minute a forgot the sad bulldog looking at me!!!
If you need to cheer up a little and you?re not dumb at all, thus you have capacity to understand why I laugh about it, visit the website:

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