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The Magic Secrets Of Remembering Everything

The temple of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli(1000-1100) is the definitive Toltec temple.It is 43m(141ft) square at the base, and has a substructure 9m high. Its five terraces depicted jaguars coyotes eagles eating human hearts, and the planet, Venus, on tablerotalade panels. The building contained one large rooted with wood beams resting on stone columns shaped to represent Toltec warriors. The structure was violently destroyed in the 12th century by invaders from the North who were known as Chichimec??

Ha! I thought I heard you exclaim. There are just too many facts and figures I the above passage for an ordinary person?s consumption. Yes, I completely agree with you in that regard. But have you tried to memorize this passage? I mean, have you not during several occasions been met a passage of similar difficulty so much so that you probably walked away even when that meant narrowing down your chances of survival?

Well, you may not have been alone in this scenario. Worldwide, several people are met with challenges of remembering what they encounter ; sometimes we read our books, understand at the time of reading but simply forget-or couldn?t recall- when it is pertinent to do so; or r we are met with faces whose names we couldn?t recall and thus feel awkward asking for a fresh introduction; often, we even forget our bank account numbers, phone numbers, mathematical formulae, shopping lists, Bible quotations, etc.

Now, the good news is that there is actually a way of solving these problems. These world in various exploits where high octane memory is required-these people are successful methods have been kept secret, only used by the few who had been dazzling the academics, salespersons, marketers, engineers, doctors, accountants, business executives. Whaow! Yes, you can now be a custodian of these secrets as set out in this timely book.

Oh yes! In this book you are going to be let in on the highly guarded secrets used by memory champions. Yes, you are going to be let in on how memory works, and how to remember virtually everything from figures, faces to street names and colours. In this book, these age long secrets are laid bare in an easy-to-read format with ample illustrations and lavish fact files to aid easy comprehension. At the end of each chapter, self test practice questions are given to test your understanding, and prosaic revelations precede each chapter helping you feel at home. Also, Part Two is devoted to the applications of the different memory techniques in several fields of human endeavor.

And yes, the secrets are laid bare to you with just one condition: try to keep the secrets-for they are priceless. So, friend, whisper it to me: can you keep the secrets?

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