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Something Borrowed
(Emily Giffin)

In a world of uncertain fates, you can always count on your best friend, or maybe not. Meet Rachel White, a small town girl turned young attorney in Manhattan, New York. Rachel has always been a girl that played by the rules, she?s always sat on the sidelines and watched others happiness, took a step out of the lime light to never step on anyone?s toes, especially those of her beautiful best friend Darcy Rhone. Rachel had always been a good friend to all that she knew until her thirtieth birthday party. A party her best friend throws for her. After a night of too many drinks, Rachel wakes up horrified to find that not only did she wake with a hang over but she woke up in the arms of Darcy?s fiancé. Rachel knows right from wrong and understands that although this was one of her fantasies turned real, this is all wrong. As the wedding draws closer, Rachel realizes that she has genuine feelings for a man that she should have stayed away from. Rachel knows that glossing over all of Darcy?s flaws and all of the friendship rules that Darcy has bent over the years in no way excuses the fact that Rachel has done the unspeakable and fallen in love with Darcy?s fiancé and worse, he seems to have fallen in love with her too. In a story with enough twists to leave you on edge you?ll find yourself rooting for the good girl gone wrong as she pleads, justifies and eventually gives in to her true feelings. In Emily Giffin?s debut novel, you?ll find that sometimes the villains do win and life isn?t always rose colored and easy. Sometimes you have to make mistakes to appreciate when things finally go right.

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