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S.o.s., Adventure On The High Seas
(Sara Nickles)

Men and women have left behind their natural environment, families, and home ports and ventured out to sea for millennia. What lures each sailor to venture across Earth?s vast expanse of oceans varies as much as the vessels used to carry them. Unfortunately, the most advanced naval architecture and best engineering cannot build a ship capable of enduring the overwhelming power released with the ocean?s wrath. A compilation of short stories and book excerpts, S.O.S, edited by Sara Nickels, will certainly fill the reader?s imagination about life above and below the ocean?s surface.

By combining true stories of unfathomable perseverance and survival with fictional stories to invigorate the mind, S.O.S is a fast paced book that evolves quickly from story to story. The book divides the selected passages into the following four categories Storms, Shipwrecks, Sea Creatures, and Under the Waves.

One passage from The Perfect Storm, a book based on a true story and recently made into a major motion picture, explains in vivid detail the final minutes of a ship flooding with water, slipping beneath the waves, and the struggling crew within it. Another selection describing survival in a life raft was taken from the book, From Albatross, was recently shown on Discovery Channel?s, I shouldn?t be Alive. Often enough, the real world at sea is both perilous and fascinating enough that real life tales passed down thru the generations can grow to become legendary.

Fictional stories written by world renowned authors including, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells, and Earnest Hemmingway, add to the mystery and lore of the ocean on which S.O.S. is based. The power and brilliancy of the ocean creates a back drop for stories limited only by the author?s imagination. The Survivor Type, by Stephen King illustrates how survival is influenced by both the resources at hand and experience in life up to that point.

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