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Short Stories (oldies Worth Re-reading 2.)

My last entry was about Sadeq Hedayat, my Persian friend (see the article)...
Still dusting the bookshelves. You know... Spring cleaning!
That is a good one. H.G. Wells. 21 short stories... Scene and atmosphere. For example, a kind of scientific reconstruction of prehistoric life in the "Grisly Folk". Remember " The Time Machine" this exciting futuristic fantasy?, Have you read the "Country of the Blind", a parable of sort...
These lovely jewels were written for various papers and magazines.
To me he was and still is the father of modern Science Fiction.

Born in 1866 in Bromley, Kent and gained fame with his major fiction work: The Time Machine in 1895. Over the years he became concerned with the fate of human society in a world where science and technology were advancing at a rapid pace.

"Science" in his work was more than often questioned. Was he Jules Verne's friend? Were they criticizing each other's writings?
I remember reading a piece about Verne claiming that Wells had "scientifically implausible ideas" and Wells claiming loud that "Verne could not write himself out of a paper sack" (for all it means!)
However, science may not be accurate, but the adventure and philosophy in thoses books (Verne's and Well's) make the trip worthwhile, fun and fascinating.
Jules Verne... H.G. Wells... We are not finished with them!
Enjoy your reading!

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