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Walden ---not The City Life (the Reason Behind It)
(Thoreau, Henry David)

In the first chapter of Walden Thoreau lays out his basic philosophy of living, which is to live simply by your own means, and to do what you think is right. Thoreau writes regarding the importance of living a simple existence. Living in the woods, alone, in a shed for 2 years and 2 months gave Thoreau plenty of time to map out a Transcendentalist/Unabomberish philosophy of life. Suspicious and Bitter at the prospect of wasting his life tied to the human constructed machinations of it, he decided that his own conscience should be obeyed supremely and was intent on not wasting his life away. When he nearly bought the Hallowel from a farmer, he absorbed the landscape of it. In the same way that he enjoyed the untarnished setting of the place, living in a 10?x15? shed next to Walden pond likely gave Thoreau a Thorough appreciation of nature which channeled into a philosophy of living life that didn?t interfere with the natural cycle of it. By living simply in a shack in the woods, Thoreau got the idea that it would be great to live like that. www.valiantdeath.com ---- for wonderful experimental music/ art/ zines

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