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O Que É O Espiritismo
(Allan Kardec)

Elementary slight knowledge of Espiritismo Those that do not admit the soul or Espirito in the man, cannot admit it are of the man; therefore, denying the cause they deny the effect. They arrive thus, almost always, with a preconceived idea and a position of negation that deviate them from a serious and impartial comment. They make questions and objections to which are impossivel to answer instantaneamente in complete way, because she would be necessary, each person to make a species of course and to recommence the things since the beginning. Ace objections is in the maiora based on the ignorancia of the cause of the fenomenos, and of the conditions in which they produce themselves. The espiritos are not as frequent it is imagined, beings to the part in the creation; they are the souls of that they had lived on the Land or in other worlds, deloused of corporal wrap. Any that adimita the existencia of the soul survives to the body, admits therefore the existencia of the Espiritos. To deny the Espiritos would be to deny the soul. The death of the body exempts the espirito of the wrap that moored it to the Land and it made it to suffer; a time I free of this pack, it does not have more than its etéreo body, that allows it to cover the space and to transpose the distancias with the rapidity of the thought. The espiritos are not as they think the majority of the people; they are not, vacant and indefinite beings, nor flames as the fogos-fátuos, nor ghost as in the ccontos of alamas of the other world. Beings are similar we, having a body as ours, but fluídico and invisivel in its normal state. Ha, therefore, in the man three essential things: first, the soul or espirito, intelligent principle that shelters the thought, the will and the moral sense; second, the body, material envolt'rio that the espirito in relation with the exterior world places; third, the perispirito, fluídico wrap, have taken, impoderável, serving of liame and intermediary between the Espirito and the body.

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