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The New World Order
(Dwight Kinnan)

What is the force behind the decision of a supposed intelligent man when he throws his country mates in such a mad and misplaced hell like Iraq? What is the real truth behind the facts that are daily exposed by the media? Would Bush actions be a capitulation to his belligerent heart, or is he just following superior orders? What is the real power in command? Would it be the United States of America or, maybe, the United Nations? Or is there another hidden authority, much more disturbing and sinister, carefully settled behind the stage to better orchestrate the international affairs? Someone once said, quite properly, that ?people can always sleep in peace as far as they are not aware of how sausages and laws are made?. As he does not sleep in peace, Dwight Kinnan scrupulously researched for nine long years, trying to find answers to those questions. What he has found out is no product of fantasies, for he brought out figures and facts extracted directly from university teachers, international bankers, financial experts, senators, US former presidents, men or women standing high in the north American government and from many other well positioned people. His research revealed that a powerful elite, who denominate itself as ?The Order? is elaborating a plan to create a NEW WORLD ORDER. The extent of the consequences implied in this esoteric plan goes much further than human imagination could ever speculate. ?The Order? intends to generate deep crises in the world financial system, in a magnitude never seen before and in order to induce the planet to an immediate and total collapse, breaking all countries economies and generating a chaos with no precedent in our history. Afterwards, The Order intends to settle a ?NEW WORLD ORDER?, under the command of the GREAT DICTATOR! Can you picture the dark horizons that are being set for the human kind? Imagine a world where individual liberties are no more, where citizens have their lives closely controlled and monitored by the State and the compulsory adoration for the Dictator would be the new world religion and then, you will have a pale idea of the new reality that will be presented to us. Dwight Kinnan reveals more, much more, and reading him, you will realize that reality is not only much more astonishing than fiction, but even more scary.

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