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Doña Flor And Her Two Husbands (doña Flor Y Sus Dos Maridos)
(Jorge Amado)

In the Brazilian state of Bay, everything can happen. The mixture of races, religions and cultures finds its point culminating in "Doña Flor and its two husbands", novel of Loved Jorge who, according to say, was based on a real case, happened during years 1930 in the city of Salvador, State Capital. Flower, one is contiguous young Bahiana, yet the enchantment and the sensuality of the Brazilian woman, is married with Vadiño, good looking mujeriego and player whom, in spite of everything, a crazy passion with Flower lives, that gets to be the scandal of the small town. Nevertheless, during one of its borracheras, Vadiño dies suddenly, leaving to Flower widow and with nostalgia of its crazy love. It recovers little by little and, to the passage of the years, house with the phamacist of the town, Teodoro, a calm man, dedicated and with all the calm of the world. The life of Flower seems stable and safe, but Vadiño appears to interrupt the calm of the second marriage of Flower. Their appearances, exclusive rights for Flower, leave to the Brazilian young person indecisa between the security of their alive husband and Metaphysical madnesses of the ghost of their dead husband. Desperate, Flower goes to the only place that could help it: the lot of witchcraft of the town, where the African religions with the catholic religion are mixed, sailing between two Metaphysical worlds. Flower explains its situation to him to the priestess and they are agreed for the difficult work to exorcise Vadiño, which will give back to Flower its conjugal peace to him; the exorcism ritual is made during one of the frequent visits of Vadiño, that little by little disappears in front of Flower. Moments before it disappears completely, a Desperate shout of Flower interrupts the ritual and it gives back ghost enamored his to him. As of that moment everything is in harmony: Doña Flor lives happy with her two husbands, each one in her dimension, each one with her form to give happiness him to Flower.

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