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No Witchcraft For Sale
(Doris Lessing)

The story tells us of an incident in the lives of a black servant and cook and his employers, a white, south African missionary couple and their boy Teddy who becomes great friends with the cook, Gideon. Until the boy one day shows racial prejudice the relationship has been a warm, respectful one. After this Gideon continuously shows respect for the boy but keeps a distance. One day Teddy is spat in the eye by a venomous snake and fearing he will go blind Gideon finds a root he then uses to treat and rescue the boy?s eye sight with. The parents are forever grateful to Gideon for saving Teddy?s eyes and give him a raise and presents for his family. Not long after this a scientist appears at the home, coercing the family, the Farquars, into persuading Gideon to reveal which plant he used for the treatment. Gideon, quietly enraged, eventually shows the scientist some useless plant and the relationship between the Farquars and Gideon is now a tension-filled one. After some time the family starts to carefully joke about Gideon?s behaviour almost like it was a beloved anecdote and Gideon keeps a brave face, laughing politely with them.

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