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The Shadow Of The Wind
(Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

The Shadow of The Wind is the story of a young boy named
Daniel, who makes a visit to The Cemetary of Forgotten Books for the
first time with his father with permission to take out one Book and
protect it always. There, he discovers The Shadow of The Wind and
promptly takes it home with him, reads it, and enjoys it so
tremendously that he goes on a quest to find every title ever written
by the author, Julian Carax.
To his surprise, he finds nothing at all of the author, or
that there were any other books written by him, which is puzzling
because a novel written so well must have made the author a rich and
famous man.
Instead of finding more books Daniel learns of the rarity
of the book he is now charged to protect, the man with the burned face
who seeks the book, wishing to burn it, and the memory of Julian Carax
once and for all, and the horrifying secret the city of Barcelona hides
away to protect itself form a corrupt police force.
Daniel moves from a young boy of ten, all through his
teenage years in love with a woman ten years his senior, to a young man
who finally tracks down the mysterious Julian Carax after learning the
truth about the murderous man with the burned face.
With this book you love every character because the author
gives the heartwrenching backgrounds to all of them before moving on,
making this a rare read since I've never a read book with so many sub
plots written in that had nothing to do with the story other then to
make you love it all the more.

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