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Discover Yourself
(Khurshid Alam)

Discover Yourself

Khurshid Alam

Quest for discovering strange things in the world is inborn in man. He roams about in search of new things. He goes into the search of hidden secrets and invents many new things that never existed. He roams in the world in this quench!

His roving does not necessarily begin when the sun shines at its horizon like those of other animals, neither he flies back home with the sunset like birds after a high fly. He is active in the 24 hour day-and-night cycle. man is the only being who is free from the cycle of time.

He is not confined to belong to a community but he belongs to the whole humanity?to the whole living being. He is not a habitat of a narrow compatible environment but belongs to the whole region of the world. Be it land, water or space!

Man is thus a discoverer by nature. If so, why aren?t all of us discoverers?

This is because only those who are successful in discovering themselves become great discoverers; and there are few who are able to discover themselves!

This fact may be gauged from an extract from my forthcoming novel in which a queen answers a question asked by one of her attendants.


?Marie (the servant): Why your Highness sees into the mirror so often?
If you?re proud of your beauty?

?Atlance (the Queen): It is not that I?m proud of my beauty. Neither need I boast of it. I?ve so many admirers, you know. I see my beauty in the eyes of my admirers; they sing beautiful songs on it. I think that?s enough.

?I stand before the mirror because I want to keep an eye on myself changing through each passing moment so as I do not lose my own identity to myself. I fear lest I should lose my identity. For that who loses his identity is the one among the ruled class; and that who keeps his identity alive in all situations is the one among the ruling class.?

What we may extract from this conversation is that we should be conscious of ourselves in all situations to keep our identity up and then we may be able to discover ourselves. Because those who are successful in discovering themselves do know their strength, caliber and ability well. Hence they can activate their caliber in their chosen fields and can succeed. Such persons may become great discoverers and can discover secret things of the world. We all may be great discoverers if we discover ourselves!

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