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W.i.t.c.h. - The Fire Of Friendship
(Janet Kay Blaylock)

The W.I.T.C.H. - The Fire of Friendship is real intriguing. It is about five girls: Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, and Hay Lin. They are Guardians of the Veil. They are fighting against the evil doers of Metamoor.

In their last adventure, they discovered that their math teacher was an evil person from Metamoor. When the Guardians entered her house, they discovered a panel in her attic that led to the portals of Metamoor that the Guardians were trying to destroy. There were several portals, and each one had to be destroyed. Now, in this book, their main purpose is to rescue Taranee from Elyon. Elyon was a friend of theirs, but she rejected them and turned to the evil doers of Metamoor. After she had turned to evil, she had been doing everything she could to turn the Guardians against doing good and turn to evil.
After they entered their teacher?s house and went to the attic, they didn?t see the opening to Metamoor. The portals had been closed. They didn?t have a way to get through to Metamoor and rescue Taranee. However, Will didn?t want to leave Taranee in Metamoor. She wanted to try and find a way through a portal to save her. The other girls agreed to try and find a way to Taranee. Later on, they were shown where a portal was that they could enter. They decided to go home and get ready to meet again that night at the cave where they met a long time ago. That?s where the portal was located. When they met at the cave, they magically developed their look-a-likes. They use their Astral beings. Each one had a look-a-like so the magical being could go home and pretend to be the real being. Then, the real girls could go into Metamoor and rescue Taranee. They weren?t sure how long they would be gone, so they wanted to have their look-a-likes at their homes.
Finally, they were in Metamoor. Everything looked ancient just like it did the last time they were there. After that, they found themselves really small and inside a fish bowl. By using there magical powers, they grew bigger and escaped the building. Once they were outside on the streets of Metamoor, things seemed to be different than the last time. Even though the saw evil creatures, the beings seemed similar to them and their activities. The creatures were going to school, playing ball, etc. The place didn?t seem as scary as before.

Later on, Irma found a shop that she wanted to go to. She just wanted five minutes. She stuck to her promise and came out with a ball. Inside the orb was a picture of the whole city of Metamoor. They saw a castle. They wondered if that was where Taranee was located. They continued their search for Taranee. They wanted to rescue her and return to their homes.

If you enjoy mysteries that involves fantasies with a message about good and evil, you will like reading this book. And it also teaches lots of things about good and evil and also shows how bad evil is. Lots of people had to enter in to lots of dangerous situation because of evil.

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