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The Other Name Of "wisdom"
(Renuka Sundaram)

The other name of Wisdom

The two years old Jane was totally confused when her mother asked her to eat her bread on her own. She was so small and did not know how to express her grievance against her mother. Further her mother only used to feed her always. Now after telling Jane to eat, her mother went to attend her younger sister Rita who was crying in the cradle. Without touching the bread, Jane was continuously watching her mother. After a while her mother comforted the baby and after it slept, she came to Jane. Then she fed her daughter who was almost slept with hunger. Next day, when Jane woke up, again she saw her mother instead of dressing and feeding Jane, attending her little sister. Jane had to wait a long time to be attended by her Mom. But, now she tried to fill her stomach herself with her tender hands. She also somehow managed to wear school uniform. Her mother took her to the nearby play school and brought her after few hours. After an year or so, Jane?s little sister was crying when she saw her mother feeding their pretty brother Little Leo. Jane went nearby to her sister and comforted her. Saying, ?Don?t cry, Mom will come now? She also gave few toys to her and played to divert her from crying and to console her. When Her mother saw this she felt happy. Now Jane has learned, patience, tolerance and self help also by her own experience. Yes. That is the other name of WISDOM
Mrs.Renuka Sundaram
10/822 J J Nagar East,
Pin 600037
Email: [email protected]

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