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The Shadow Of The Wind
(Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

The Shadow of the wind is a trully amazing thriller written with a lot of passion. Most of the story takes place in Barcelona and Paris back in 1945. The author keeps us in expectation and curiosity from beginning to the end. The story starts at a slow pace and accelerates as the events unfold. Daniel is the main character. His father takes him at the age of 10 to the cemettery of forgotten books where the tradition is to choose a book, read it and hide it back in the cemettery for another person to read:
"According to tradition, the first time someone visits this place, he must choose a book, whichever he wants, and adopt it, making sure that it will never disappear, that it will always stay alive." Once Daniel has read the book "The shadow of the wind", he is eager to learn more about the author called Julian Carax. Wanting to know if he has written other books. He found himself interviewing a variety of people. like his dad'friend niece who is blind and whom he falls in love with. The relationship is superficial as the blind lady is already in love with her pianist'teacher. Daniel is also led to meet the publisher of Julian Carax books. Follow an encounter with a certain Lain Coubert called the "Devil" who wants to burn any books written by Julian Carax. A certain inspector Fumero who acts wickedly toward humanity comes center-stage who has also an interest in this famous Julian Carax. Along the way, we discover Daniel kindness in recruiting a homeless person called Fermin to help his father with the book shop. This character will become Daniel best friend and helper in unfolding the mistery of the shadow of the wind.

Despite the danger and the complications, Daniel is determine to gets to the bottom of the truth and past of Julian Carax. We learn that the author gets pregnant a young lady without knowing that she is his step-sister as Julian father refuses to tell Julian that he is his biological father. As the truth unfolds about the love between Julian and that young lady, Penelope. Julian has to flee to Paris to avoid being sent to the army. Julian'father discovers a hatred for Julian as he realised that Julian was never interested in his kindness but his daughter who will be left to die in a confined room. In Paris , Julian will devot his life writing novels until he's called back to come back to Spain by a twist of events. His dying father promised his other son to find Julian and kill him. Fortunately, Julian will kill his step-brother. We have to wait to the end of the story to discover that Lain Coubert is Julian Carax. Daniel will contribute in giving to Julian the desire to write again.

To conclude, Daniel life is quite similar to Julian Carax. What makes the difference, Daniel has learnt from the mistakes of the past of Julian Carax. He loves writing, he gets his best friend'sister pregnant, whom he gets married to. Unlike Julian who run away to Paris. The decisions who make in the past can affect our happiness in the future as Julian was never happy without his Penelope and ended up hating his writing works to the point of burning them.

"The Shadow of the wind" is an amazing book who has been skillfully written from beginning to the end. The sequences and rythm of the novel are in total syncronisation, leaving the reader totally satisfied at the end.

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