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Curse Of A Saint And Curse Of A Woman

This is small story before Maha Bharatham. Five thousand years ago a king of the Hindus kingdom ruling India. He had the habit of believe with his action whether it is right or wrong never bothered about the result. The king also had incorrect ministers. One time kingdom lot a valuable gold chain. The king ordered the minister to find the culprit immediately. The search team went all around and found the chain laying near the saint who was doing his pronounce seriously. The saint had no idea about what was happening in the external world and he had extreme power but never wanted to show it out side. The police of the kingdom failed to catch the real culprit. They found this chain near the saint, for the only reason the chain was near the saint they arrested the saint and brought to justice before the king. They also informed the king the truth. The king asked the statement form the saint on his side. The saint did not speak any thing and said in the action to take any kind of action against him; The king asked his servants to kill him by slow so that whenever he wanted say about this case can say. It is a type of punishment in those day the acquits will made to sit on a sharp point. The sharpness will make hole in the back and when it reaches extreme, the acquits will die. The death will take depending upon the body conditions but not later of 2years. A sincere woman on the order of her lepers husband carrying him in a basket on her head and taking him to a prostitute house. The lady had the power of marrying the same man on her fifth birth. While crossing a dark place where the acquit saint was sitting in his life end doing pronounce, she dragged the position of the saint. The saint immediately cursed the lady, because of your husband you injured me, so at the sun rise you will loose your husband, till the time he will be alive. The lady immediately ordered sun not to rise. There was no sun light for plenty of days. The people prayed god for this problem, God came punished the king for his wrong judgment against the saint, God also punished the lady by giving her one more birth with five husbands. The woman Nalayini born again as Throwpathi married five husbands.

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