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The Mental Detachment And The Physical Detachment

Once there lived two sadhus. They were living together in an Ashram. They were learning
the way of life and they were leading a detached life. Though they were in the same path,
one sadhu was always thinking of the material life also. Though he had given up all the
desires practically, he was thinking of them often.
Once they were travelling together to meet their Guru. It was quite a long distance. They
were walking for sometime and taking rest for sometime and again walking for sometime.
During the journey, they were discussing about the way of leading the spiritual life and
how to avoid the desires from their mind.
One day, there were about to take a sacred bath in a river. While they entered, both of them
saw a girl in the river, struggling for her life. Immediately, one of the sadhus jumped
into the river and and took her on his shoulders and brought her out and gave treatment and
saved her life. After that incident, they left the place and started to walk again.
After three to four days, when they were nearing their Guru's place, the saint asked the
other saint how he is going to answer to his Guru about the incident. He said, we are not
supposed to touch girls, and you have done it against the rules of our way of life.
The other saint replied, Oh Dear, I have left that the girl four days back itself, and you
are carrying her till now. Then the other saint realized that the mental detachment is
more important than the physical detachment.

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