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The Hell And The Heaven

Once there lived a saint. He was very kind with others and he was teaching the ways and
means of the releigious life. He was not only just teaching, but also insisted every one
to follow the instructions given by him. Just opposite to his hut, there lived a call girl.
She was very beautiful and she was very kind with others. Many people were attracted by
the beauty of her,and therefore she had many visitors to her house. They enjoyed the life
by staying with her.
The saint called the girl and said, Please do not proceed your life in this way. It is a
sin. You try to lead the spiritual life or just the regular life. But she said, Swamyji,
I am just doing my profession and the same time, I am praying God always. I do not think
of other things at all in my mind. the saint adviced my times, but the girl was doing what
she was doing. She did not change her life style. The saint wanted to teach her the lesson.
Then, he started to count how many people are visiting her daily. For this purpose, he
used to throw a stone just out side his hut. After certain time, the stones looked like a
big mountain. The saint called the girl and said, You see this mountain. Do you know what
this mountain is?. She said, I do not know. He then said these the visitors you had till
date. These are the sins you have done in your life and you are going to suffer for this.
One day the girl died. No one was willing to burry her. No one cared for her death. The
body of the girl was there itself and many animals started to eat the body. He thought this
would be the end for the persons who made sins. He felt very much for the girl and in the
thought, he also died. Both the souls were travelling to the place of judgement.
The judge told the saint, You were living in a spiritual way. Now you can see your body
how it is respected. The saint saw many of his followers doing poojas and they put many
garlands and chanting vedhas and he could see that his body was highly honoured. But at the
same time, The judge said since the girl was leading a unwanted way of life, her body was
not honoured and no one came to the body and animals ate the body. That is meant for the
body. Now, of the souls, the soul of the girl was always thinking of the God, and hence the
soul of the girl is going to the Heaven and the soul of the saint was always thinking of the
visitors of the girls and not God, the soul of the saint is going to the Hell.
From this we can realize that it is important us to think God in the mind and by the body.

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