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Again ?

Never knew it was that easy to fall in love,
But so tough to fall out of it,
Never knew the dreamy days and sleepless nights would end in days so devoid of light.

My eyes go moist to see her, still, yet when I see her I wonder if she ever cared ý.
O how could I be such a fool ? though foolish I was I agree but also I agree those days of folly were the best days of my life.

Never did life seem so beautiful, never did it seem so bright,
And never did life seem so dreadful when I was disillusioned overnight.

Life without love may seem monotonous and drab but then I argue- am I ready for it yet once again ?
Though my heart may bleed and my eyes may hurt while I dislodge pieces of my shattered dreams what is it in love I ask that makes me want to love AGAIN ?

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