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Living Like This Everyone Can Relate To
(George Eagles)

LEFT FOR DEAD(read and see what you feel when read, tell me what it makes you feel

You left me lying here in
the gutter with blood coming
from my mouth.
After being kicked and punched
to the heads and stomach.
Eye's swollen,
Bruises up my arms and all over
my body.
Trying to stand and no one to help
me as i lay ed there helpless.
Why dose this happen,
Why do people have such a mean heart
as all we do is try and help out those
who need a helping hand.
Lying there for twenty minutes in the
gutter thought i was really going to die.
People all looking and just walking past
as if they thought i were drunk.
As if i had no home to go to,
Looks pretty sad when you picture it in
your mind.
Something so true in our real world
sometimes people can be so cruel.
Do You think that JESUS CHRIST would
walk away without stopping to help.
Look at it this way.
When JESUS CHRIST was getting belted
and whipped,
Punched and spat on for caring for all mankind.
Who actually stood by JESUS CHRIST when
this was happening.
For some people may deny JESUS CHRIST but
how can we deny him when he had went through
so much torcher.
As blood comes down from the mouth,
and deep cuts to his body,
Then nailed to the crossed left there
to die for all of us.
In the real world we see from our own mistakes
when we see someone lying there in the gutter
bleeding to death and people just walking past.
What dose it take to stop and help out someone in need
Because JESUS CHRIST would have stopped and gave up
his shirt to dry the blood and take care of us until we
were standing strong.
My fellow people of the world,
We are having religion wars,
We are having racism,
And bashings every single day.
Stop for a moment and look what we are doing to
our world.
For i will make a stand every single day to stop and
help out those who need a helping hand because
who knows we may need someone to help us up off the
gutter too.
I Thank you JESUS for being so kind and loving to us
and i will never forget what you have done for us.
We all see what is happening in our world today so now
it is time to stand together and make a difference.

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