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Kim Cantrell's Sexual Intelligence

Cantrell aka Samantha Jones of Sex in the City has forged open a new door with her sexually explicit book. She has no qualms about using her own body on the front coverpage of this book in order to further her publicity and neverending desire to be famous. This is not the first book of its genre, nor will it be the last, to be written by a celebrity on sex.

On reading the book it was just what I expected it to be...not very intellectual at all. The book does feature candid topical sexual issues, comical animation and some excellent artwork however, I feel that this book would feature well in a home where the sexual IQ is that of a moron. There is no particular gripping features, no direct turn-on's and thank god she left out her usually highly descriptive and detailed rantings about oral sex. That would have really put the final nail in the coffin.

I found this book lacked Cantrell's standard of highly sexually charged and very deep imagination and even managed an odd yawn or two whilst reading it. My recommendation is that there are excellent books available on the market catering for people who are genuinely interested in their sex life and at a far lower costing than 30.00 dollars. Don't fall for the glitzy Hollywood "we know best" book. There is a lot more to sex and it is a highly important part of our human nature. So, invest in yourself and leave this one for the easily-pleased members of the human race

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