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Nightmare Stairs
(Robert Swindells)

I thought this book was really good.
It is about a girl called Kirsty who keeps having the same dreams, every night, dreams about falling or being pushed downstairs. But later in her life she discovers that her grandmother died falling downstairs. Kirsty suspects that her extremely nasty auntie pushed her to her death. But in the end she discovers a secret more awful than she could ever imagine.
Normally when I read a book, it takes me the first one or two chapters to get into the story and know what is happening in it, but, in this case I had only read the first page and not only I knew what was going on, but I really wanted to carry on reading. This is probably because Robert Swindells (author) uses gripping words and sentences. He uses very interesting and unusual vocabulary. He seems to really want to grab his reader?s attention.
In this story, every chapter ended with a cliffhanger, which is what makes the book interesting. If books don?t have them, you get bored incredibly easily and put the book down immediately.
I read this book every night before I went to sleep, knowing that I would only be able to read about two pages. But as I got deeper into the book, and the evening got later, I felt I just could not put it down - I was in too much suspense!
The genre of this book is ?murder mystery? because Kirsty, with the help of a friend, tries to piece together information to find out whether her suspicions about the murder were right or wrong. Or could the real murderer be someone that Kirsty has always trusted?
This story is probably aimed for readers aged 9-13 because, although there are only about 170 pages, the story is slightly frightening. It teaches you that families may not always be as they seem to be and that they hide deep secrets.
The ending of this story is very unexpected. The story keeps you guessing right until the very end of the book, wondering whether Kirsty?s auntie is the real murderer or not. The ending of the story is very ironic because the true murderer is always telling Kirsty that her dreams aren?t true at all, but deep down, obviously they knew that the young girl?s dreams were telling a true story.
Overall, Nightmare Stairs is a very cleverly put together story and I recommend it to all readers out there who like a bit of a scare!

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