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The Shadow Of The Wind
(Carlos Ruiz Zafon)

The Shadow of the Wind is an intoxicating coming-of-age tale in which Carol Ruiz Zafon weaves a web of fascination and mystery. Our protagonist, Daniel, encounters life and love through a unique yet familiar journey, against the backdrop of mid-20th century Barcelona. The son of a rare books dealer, Daniel becomes proud caretaker of a book with a back-story that will both form and mimic his own life. Driven by an instinct even he cannot understand, Daniel searches for other works by his treasured book's little-known author, Julian Carax. His discovery that someone is systematically locating and burning each and every copy entangles him in a dangerous and inescapable story of dual timelines; one belonging to Carax, and the other to himself. Through passages of perfect sentences and unforgettable imagery, the timelines intersect with suspense, surprise, and ultimately beautiful predictability.

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