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The Essays, Or Counsels, Civill And Moral
(Bacon, Francis)

Sir Francis Bacon,in his essays,views "love"as 'a weak passion' and, observes that 'great spirits and great souls do keep away this weak passion'.
It is love that gives a coward,'a heart'. Without Love, we all are weak.An immortal passion that makes the mortals "immortal" in the History of Civilization. Love is the real immunity that protects Life from so many diseases; Love is the defence-mechanism against all the virus that spoils the natural beauty of Life.

Bacon says that "love doth much mischief in human life."
In the mischief of love is revealled the marvel of Life. A life without love,however big and beautiful, is like a large house but without the little naught child- who keeps everybody on their toes by his pranks,and yet,everybody loves him ! The most important lessions of Life are imparted by the mischieves of Love.It is this "child" called 'Love' that sets Man free from the Prison of Loneliness.Those who love,they just love ! Those who don't love,they write about Love !

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