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Haroun And The Sea
(Salman Rushdie)

This book is written by Salman Rushdie, also the author of " The Satanic Verses". " Haroun and the Sea" is lightly written but full of imagination. The main character,Haroun, is a little boy who lives in a sad city.His father is the only man in the city who can tell all kinds of intriguing stories to make people forget about their sadness.However, his wife leaves him for she thinks telling unreal stories is just nothing. Haroun's father sinks into miserable life because of this.Haroun can no longer believe that the stories are true, nor can his father tell any good stories. One time, Haroun's father is invited to support for an election candidate. Haroun is so worried that his father can not tell good stories anymore. Meanwhile,he meets a Sea fairy,who is about to tear down the switch of the water of story. And so a wonderful journey begins.Haroun is brought to a satellite which can't be detected because it's turning too fast. On the satellite, there's a land that is always day time. On that land everyone likes to talk. It seems they can talk about everything endlessly.There's a story Sea on the land, and if you look at it carefully, you'll find that the sea water is knitted by seven-colored waving silk thread.Every story is stored in the colors by code.Once the stories are swallowed by fish, they would intergraded into a new story.And a floating gardener is in charge of the stories blended together. But this forever-day land is facing a danger.There's another land that is forever dark is trying to pollute the forever-day land with ' anti-story mixture solution'. The leader of this dark land is able to separate shadow and object and control the whole land with dark power enhanced by fake shadow.He makes the dark even darker with dark light bulls and creates countless anti-stories to destroy existent stories. Moreover, he's trying to clog the source of the Story Sea so that there will not be any stories invented anymore.He says that the meaning of life is not for fun,but to control.At the end, Haroun adds the Water of Hope into this satellite which is half day and half dark forever. The Water of Hope makes this satellite revolve powerfully so that the sun is able to send out its light to the dark land. The sun's light melts the authority of the dark and saves the destiny of Story Sea. From this story we can see that everything--imagination and truth, light and darkness, noise and silence can not be existed for an absolute meaning. Therefore, the slighted light between two nations can be so fascinating.We should also ponder over the matter of the meaning of this world. Should be be fun or be controlled?But no matter what, the seven-colored , foggy and warm sea attracts us to want to take a sip of it so that we can expect to see if there will be anything magic that will happen to us.

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