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Le Dernier Juré

Are you, like me, one of those people who like to read their favourite books again ? I often do so with great pleasure, and especially with such an exceptional author as John GRISHAM, the unchallenged master of the thriller. No need for me to introduce John GRISHAM to you, his books have known an immense success for over 25 years. Most people have read at least one of his books or seen one of the films inspired by his writing... Who has not seen The Pelican Affair, The Client, The Firm, A Time to Kill or The Rainmaker at least once... ? The book I would like to share with you is one of his latest : The Last Juror. I first read it about a year ago in English. Although I speak French, I was so impatient to read it that I could not wait for the recently published French version to come out. I admit that I had a little difficulty understanding everything. However, the story was so compelling that I did not regret for a moment buying this book in English even if I had to look up every other sentence to be able to understand it. I am already looking forward to reading this story over again in French. This book is so heavy with emotion, suspense, twists and poetry... Yes, poetry. As surprising as this might seem for a thriller, a number of passages in this book are quite beautiful. At times I found myself stopping to reread a passage, in spite of wanting to know what came next, in much the same way as I might savour a favourite dessert... Well, so much for keeping you waiting, here goes... Willie Traynor, a young man fresh from college, arrives in a small town in Mississippi and buys a little-known weekly newspaper that has fallen on hard times. He soon starts to make a very good living when he publishes the account of a local crime, the rape and murder of a young, pretty widow and mother of two young children. Human nature can be truly macabre and the more Willie writes about this story, the more people buy his newspaper. The story is soon on the lips of everybody in the town, from the investigation to the trial and its jurors... Then there is the accused man's powerful family : the Padgitts, a family most people do not want to come up against. The trial takes place, and the verdict is... guilty ! Despite all the threats and the intense pressure people had been subjected to, the guilty man is to be locked up for a long time! A long time? What does this mean to the legislators? A year, five years, nine years? Or more? What is great about this book is that you seem to be reading another story in parallel to the thriller, another story that is much gentler, more beautiful and more just. This is no fairy story, it's even better. This is reality, the story of Miss Callie, "the last juror" in the trial, who Willie meets and with whom he develops a close friendship.Some years later, a long time for some and not long enough for others, the guilty man is freed and a series of murders begins with the jurors as the victims... Were the judges right to free the murderer? You'll have to be very smart to guess what's coming up next! Enjoy the read! Sincery

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