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(The Bible)

A severe case of sibling rivalry held on to for much too long comes to a head in Obadiah, the shortest book in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Most scholars believe this book was written by the prophet Obadiah about the time the Israelites were being attacked by the Babylonians around 600 BC.

The Edomites were descended from Esau, the Israelites from his brother Jacob. The Edomites constantly warred with Israel or delighted in Israel?s trouble. Now Obadiah proclaims God?s intentions toward Edom. He warns that God?s wrath will be total. Edom will wish they were beset by robbers who might leave a crumb of food or miss a piece of personal property, because God will not. Edom will be totally destroyed, and the fact that they live in their mountain strongholds will not save them, nor will their alliances with other peoples, as every nation will turn against the Edomites.

When the Edomites ask why, Obadiah tells them God?s anger is because of what Edom did, or failed to do, for Israel. Edom refused to assist Israel when Israel was besieged by invaders who carried off Israel?s possessions. To make matters worse, Edom stood by and afterward looted Israel, dividing the goods among themselves. Edom gloated over Israel when the people were carried away as captives to foreign lands. Edom celebrated Israel?s losses, mocked its people and looted its territory. Edom captured some of the survivors trying to escape and gave them back to their enemies. Obadiah repeats the warning that Edom should not have done these things, as what they did to Israel will be done to them, resulting in Edom?s total annihilation as punishment for the treatment of their brothers.

Finally, Obadiah announces God?s promise of Israel?s salvation and return from exile to reclaim their land and claim Edom?s territory as its own. The God of Israel will be their King and the Israelites will be blessed.

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