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(p.naga prasad)


About 4,600 million years ago our Earth was born, at first, it was a ball of very hot,liquid rock. Then volcanoes started to erupt everywhere. The gares they blasted out surrounded earth with air and clouds. Rains fell and filled the oceans with water. Earth has perfect conditions for life to exist it is neither too hot nor too cold, and there is also liquid water,which is essential for life. The blankete of air around the earth. The atmosphere,protects us form hearmful rays of the sun,but it also lets in warmth. The earth has several layers inside it. The rocks that makes up the continents and the ocean floors form a thin outer layer called the crust. The crust lies about a thick layer of very hot,partly melted rocks,called mantle. The lava that erupts through volcanoes comes form here. Below the mantle is the lioquid metal outer core the solid inner core, mostly mad of iron, is nearly as hot as the surface of the sun. The earth?s surface is made up of giant plates of rock which fit together like a jigsow puzzle. They are always on move,bumping and scraping against one another. When amovement is sudden an earthquake occurs.

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