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Remembrance Of Things Past
(Marcel Proust)

is the story of a very sensitive human being, asthmatic and insomniac,
taking place circa 1900, the period known as the ?Belle Epoque?. He is
raised in a wealthy and educated family of the French bourgeoisie,
blessed with the strong affection of his mother as well as his
grandmother.He is fascinated by an aristocratic society which he
idealizes and which he believes unapproachable. With time, he
discovers, while associating with members of his own class (believed to
be the only one within his reach), that that noble Society, going back,
by their bloodlines, to the heroes depicted on the stained glass
windows of his childhood?s village church, is made up of characters
similar to the bourgeoisie so disdained by them and yet with whom they
share vices, virtues and snobbisms.This painful and gradual
discovery, to which all his idle life of a brilliant talker has been
dedicated, finds its ultimate justification by the revelation that this
accumulation of experiences, disappointments, sorrows, joys and
pleasures, was to become the essence of his literary work. In return,
this transfiguration of his life by Art, creation, liberates him from
Time, time which corrodes and eventually destroys all.The clay of this quest towards an artistic vocation is made up -of childhood memories (Combray),-of social ascents and declines (Swann?s way leading to Guermantes? way),-of historic events (Dreyfus affair, 1st World War),-of
artistic emotions (the composer Vinteuil and his sonata, the writer
Bergotte, the painter Elstir, the actress Berma),-of tragedies and comedies of love (Swann, Albertine),-of the treasures of language (Françoise, Duchess of Guermantes),-of lost friendship (Saint Loup),-of false pretenses (revealed homosexuality, lost innocence),-of cruelties and oddities of life in society (Verdurin salon, faubourg Saint Germain),-of the pain caused by the death of those one really loves (Albertine, the grandmother),-and
of reflections, fruit of a vast culture, a gift for observation and
analysis, an extreme sensitiveness and a very fine sense of humor,-ultimately, the corrosion of Time, abolished by the use of memory, which restores men into their true grandeur?

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