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Why Socrates Take Poison
(p.naga prasad)

Why did Socrates take poison
Socrates was the teacher of Plato and left no
writings of his own, he know of him only through the
writings of others, principles plato,Socrates did not claim
to possess great knowledge but questioned the opoinion of
others,showing them often to be without any logical basis.
In this way, he hoped ot arrive at tune knowledge . Hie
methods did not win him manyfriends,for few people like to
be proved wrong in their own opinions and arguments.
Socrates made manyenemies. In 399BC at the age of 70, he
was brought to trial in Athens on charges of being an evil
dues. Socrates defended himself eloquently,maintaining
that his actins led the wisdom not evil. By asmall
majority the jury condemned hin to die. Socrates mde no
attempt to escape his fate. He calmly drunk a cup of poison
hemlock and died, as he had lived,wih greaet courage and

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