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Rachel's Holiday
(Maeve Binchy)

Rachel?s Holiday by Marian Keyes

A witty and inspiring insight into the mind of a drug addict as she faces her denial and addiction head on, with the help of a clinic and a couple of new found friends, who are as dysfunctional as herself. Rachel is a completely normal girl. Irish and full of fun, she lives life to the full. The only problem is she is becoming socially and personally dependant on recreational drugs, and it is slowly and steadily tearing her life apart?but of course she, herself, is blind to all this.

Pushed by her friends and family, Rachel travels to the clinic that is supposed to cure her. Rachel, blaming everyone but herself, is expecting to see celebrities and other luxurious things. It isn?t long, however, until she realises just how wrong she is. Rachel is understandably horrified, and bitterly disappointed.

A pleasant tale of courage and strength, and of love. It touches upon the angst of such addictions, but doesn?t dwell on them, taking a more positive outlook. But can Rachel really survive not blaming her crisis on everyone else? How can she face up to this? And can she really recover? Can anyone really recover? But, the beauty of this book, is that we see, with the right support and love behind us, we, as people, are capable of everything. This, of course, also applies to Rachel, but she must learn some home truths first. One must earn, evidently, their happy ending.
A great pick-me-up novel, ideal for bringing on holiday or, in contrast, to get you through some miserable winter days. It doesn?t require you to think or analyse, so instead just sit back and enjoy the ride?for it is a bumpy one.

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