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Angels And Demons
(Dan Brown)

Written as a prequel to, the best seller, the Da Vinci Code, Dan Browns Angels and Demons was my favourite of the two books. Robert Langdon is again the main character of the novel, and with his beautiful sidekick, this time Vittoria Vetra; he races against time to save Rome and its Vatican City against the ancient brotherhood of the Illuminati.

When in the middle of the night Langdon?s presence is requested in a Swiss research laboratory, where he discovers not only a dead scientist, but a symbol left branded on his chest, a branding from the brotherhood of the Illuminati. He discovers that the dead scientist and his daughter, Vittoria, had been experimenting with antimatter, a destructive energy which if comes in contact with the earths matter is a bomb waiting to go off, and it has been removed from its hiding place beneath the research laboratory.

Langdon and Vittoria soon discover that the Illuminati symbols are a clue to where the antimatter now resides deep within the bowels of the Vatican City, and with three of the cardinals missing the night before the conclave, the race is on to follow the clues of the Illuminati to discover the ancient myth of the Path of Illumination, which will lead to the church of illumination. They will discover where the antimatter is hidden and then save Vatican City and the Catholic religion.
This is a novel filled with adventure, belief and solidarity which had me gripping the cover right until the end. Reading this book was like running a marathon and not being able to wait until the end, when you do get there you're not disappointed

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