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(James Joyce)

Dubliners is a book with a series of stories arranged to show the way James Joyce saw Dublin Ireland. The setting of each story as the title hints is Dublin, Ireland. This is where Jame Joyce grew up as a child and adolescent.Actual markers and buildings from this city are used within each other story, making everything much more believable.
Each story is arranged not according to when it was written but by the age of its characters. "The Sisters" is the first set of stories, this starts off the stories of children. The story although called The Sisters is more based around the story of a young boy who encounters these sisters. It ends with the story the Dead almost stating the obvious with adulthood come death.
It starts with stories based on the point of view of the world of children, then to adolescents, then finally adults. The view of children is seen as nieve and almost envied in a way. The adults are often seen as foolish, futile and unpleasant. The major themes are shown throughout each story as death, disease, paralysis and circles. The circular theme is the one least noticed within each story. Each character tries to escape from his or her life unfortunetly making a circle back to where they came from. Overall the stories are very depressing and deep in meaning. If following these characters on a map you would see that each walks around in end up going in a circular path. Clocks and other objects symbolizing circles are seen within each story, for example a corkscrew in the story Clay.
Although James Joyce wrote a book based on the town he grew up in, it is mostly shown in a negative light. Most of the characters are dim witted and stuck in a bland society.

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