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The Reorganization Of The World Of Work
(Sotelo, Adrian)

Translation by: femme/600/1 October 2005

During the 1980's and 1990's, neoliberal intellectuals and ideologues celebrated the end of labor and the laws of its values, as one knows them, and the advent of a laborless technological era, without principles. But today, the labor issue has again become a central theme. The Japanese technological revolution and North American reengineering (the new paradigms) proclaim the benefits derived from the application of the new technologies in the processes of production. This book shows how the processes of captalist globalization have placed the essential laws of the capitalist means of production (profits, capital gains, and exploitation of labor) in the foreground. For the author, the new methods for the organization and exploitation of labor have revealed themselves as devices for the system of overexploitation of the labor force, to counteract the global crisis, with the result that the world of work is now marked by working part-time and at home, a drop in real wages, job insecurity, and the loss of workers' human and civil rights.
The reading of this book is highly recommended and sheds lght on the incidence of neoliberalism in the world of work besides being an editorial effort by the Mexican Workers' University. It always makes an attempt to publish high-quality books like this one which includes themes related to the world of work. Consider it required reading for students of this theme.
Job insecurity, that is to say, work with no social security, is a constant in the world of work. Therefore, the reading of this book is important in order to familiarize oneself with this social phenomenon and to know its etiology, that is to say, its cause, in order to come up with the solution to this problem of our times.
I recommend this reading material along with other books published by the Mexican Workers' University.

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