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War Of The Worlds
(H. G. Wells)

The story takes place in the late 19th Century, in a town near London,
which by that time was the most influential capital city of the world.
Strange beings fall from the sky in machines that leave a green wake in
its path. Their machines, giant tripods, soon take a control of the
world faced by armies overwhelmed by this superior otherworldly
intelligences who look for, in our world, a way to save themselves. The
main character is trapped in the wake of this uneven fight with
extraterrestrial beings. The almost unexeistent resistence turns to
nothing when faced with the alien vessels' might, meanwhile our main
character is desperately looking for his wife in the middle of this
apocalyptic world. A stern critic of his times, Herbert George Wells,
describes, in this novel the tale of an alien invasion using
technologically advanced terms such as a "hot ray", similar to our
lasers; as well as describing a struggle between a power-hungry class
and other less fortunate one, subject to their whims. The brilliantly
executed escape from London is what catches the reader in a roller
coaster ride of emotions in which we see an English Lord dying of
thirst as well as a greedy, poor man surrounded by horse carriages and
people paying thier dues for the excesses in their lives when facing
death from the alien foes. Written in striking detail, "War of the
Worlds" grabs you from page 1 and lets you understand more clearly the
blockbuster film version starring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. Is
this book a warning that there are cold and calculating alien
intelligences watching us or just an intense sci-fi tale?

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