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The Story Of Anne Frank
(Mirjam Pressler)

The story of Anne Frank gives us a real insight into the girl famous for her war-time diary. From her early life , her loves and peacetime to the terrible war years and the two years with her family living in the small annexe.
Also looked at in more detail are the parts of her life that happen after the diary mainly her imprisonment at the hands of the Nazi?s and subsequent death in the hellhole that was Bergen-Belsen.
This book brings Anne Frank to life and surely this story is among the saddest and most enduring of world war two
As a fourteen year old Anne wrote the words about her writing ?I want to go on living after my death. And therefore I am grateful to God for giving me this gift?of expressing all that is in me.? I?m sure she could not have realized how these words would affect so many in the years ahead.
Personally I find the story to sad to be considered enjoyable.That said however if you know the diaries of Anne Frank ,this book will help complete the full picture.

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