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Feng Shui For Home
(richard webster)

Feng Shui meaning wind and water and pronounced as ?fung shway? is an ancient Chinese practice based on the idea that the auspicious placement and arrangement of buildings, walkways, doors, furniture, plants and other objects can ensure a good life.
Good feng shui allows cosmic energy or ?chi? to flow freely, creating a harmonious environment and improvement of health, love, life, peace, and prosperity of those who live in or work there. It is an ?eco-act? linking man and his destiny with his surroundings be they natural or man-made, cosmic or local. It equips us with a tool to balance and harmonize our environment to suit our needs, thereby giving us control over our lives.
The ?chi? is made of yin and yang. The yang represents male energy whereas yin represents female energy. Everything in the universe is made of yin and yang energies that are constantly interacting with each other. Any imbalance in the two can cause disharmony in the environment being influenced.
There should be the use of traditional ?Five Elements? ? wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Together they symbolize completion and help to create a sense of harmony and comfort.
The first thing to balance is our home. Single level homes produce more Chi than split level homes. Split level homes confuse the chi in circulating around the house. In the Asian region south facing houses are considered better.
The size of the front door should be as per the size of the house. Too big or small front doors lead to imbalance in the chi. Trees facing the front door should be cleared and the door gives a welcoming feeling.
One should use his or her intuition in arrangement of furniture. Some basic rules to be followed are, place bed/desk in such a way that it allows you to sleep/sit with a solid wall behind you. The solid wall offers protection and stability.
Toilets are considered areas where the wealth gets drained. They should never be facing the front door. Kitchen is known as a fire place. It should ideally be built in the southeastern corner of the house.
The basic rule is to make the house harmonious with the surroundings, clutter free to make the chi move about freely and constant fixing and improving things in the home for free, progressive and prosperous life.

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