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Gone With The Wind
(Margaret Mitchell)

Reading ?Gone With the Wind? is like living a life, being in a different era and discovering different terrains of human emotion. Although there is a difference of more than hundred years between the time the book was written and today, it?s still easy to catch glimpses of our own life in between those lines.

The protagonist of the book is Scarlett O?Hara, daughter of a rich Irish man Gerald O?Hara. The story starts in 1861 when Scarlett O?Hara was sixteen years old. She had a very comfortable life at home, with a family of father, mother and two more sisters. The Hara?s owned a large plantation named ?Tara? and lots of slave.

Scarlett O?Hara was very different from most of the girls of that time. For instance she was smart and made fun of the girls who carried smelling salts with them all the time. She had high spirits. However like most of the other girls of her age, Scarlett also had a teenage crush on Ashley Wilkes but Ashley gets married to Melanie Hamilton. To hurt Ashley, Scarlett O'Hara got married to Melanie?s brother Charles. Soon after their marriage, the war breaks in America. Charles went to fight in the war and died there of pneumonia. In the meanwhile Rhett Butler, a man with little reputation and lots of money, starts getting interested in Scarlett. However the political and economical condition of America was deteriorating rapidly. Scarlett O?Hara lost her mother first and then her father. She was on the verge of losing her plantation Tara also, which was under heavy debt, but she gets married to an old man, Frank Kennedy, to get money for her plantation. Frank was supposed to marry her sister Suellen, but Scarlett thought her sister will never give money to save their plantation. Scarlett spoilt her relationship with her sister Suellen forever after marrying Frank Kennedy. After Frank also died Scarlett got married to Rhett Butler. Rhett Butler understood her too well, he knew her feelings for Ashley but still he tried to give her love and make her care. But Scarlett remained insensitive to his feelings. They had a beautiful daughter Bonnie. Bonnie died in an accident and Scarlett blamed Rhett Butler for this. It was only after Melanie?s death when she realized Rhett Butler is the man she loves, but it was too late. She had already lost him. She went home and told Rhett Butler that she loves him, but Rhett Butler replied that his love for her has wore out. Rhett Butler leaves her. Scarlett was n?t ready to face it, she thinks to herself that she will get him back and the story ends with the lines ?After all, tomorrow is another day?.

I don?t know whether Scarlett O?Hara should be admired for her spirits or pitied for her foolishness. She always did the things she had to do and the things she wanted to do, unfortunately, she never knew what she really wants. Scarlett O?Hara?s nightmare that she is walking all alone and everything is very dark and she doesn?t knows where to go describes her very well. She married Frank to save her plantation but she took her sister happiness in the course. She ended up hurting so many people that it?s difficult to count their number. But she did not had any intentions of hurting anybody it was just that she never saw from somebody?s else point of view. She was too blind to see anything other than her needs for that moment.

The book is one of the most spectacular book ever written, a love story which is unforgettable for anyone who will ever read it.

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