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A Brief History Of Time

Stephen Hawking is considered as one of the most brilliant scientist since Einstein. He is a member of the Royal Society of London and a Nobel laureate. And his book A Brief History of Time definitely reflects all this. A Brief History of Time is a scientific book written for those who have no background or very little background of science.

The book takes us on a journey from the beginning of universe with big bang theory to the recently discovered black holes. It explains some very complex theories of physics and astronomy in a simple and interesting way. The book also tells about the landmark events in the field of astronomy covering up everyone from Copernicus, Galileo to Einstein and Newton.
The brief glimpse of personal life of Galileo, Einstein and Newton at the end of the book, are also interesting reading material.

The book also deals with sensitive subjects like whether God exists or not and can there be life on some other part of universe, in a very scientific manner. Along with this he has written his personal views regarding some famous scientists. Stephen Hawking has also managed to put humor in his book, which I think is a great achievement.

The book is surely an exciting reading material for any reader who is interested to know the origin and fate of universe. Even if one is not interested in astronomy or physics I will suggest them to read the book at least once, to acknowledge the fact that even complexities can be turned into clarity by sensible writing. It is difficult not to admire Stephen Hawking as a scientist as well as a writer after reading his book.

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