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The Little White Horse
(Elizabeth Goudge)

?The carriage gave another lurch, and Maria Merry-weather, Miss Heliotrope, and Wiggins once more fell into each other's arms, sighed, gasped, righted themselves, and fixed their attention upon those objects which were for each of them at this trying moment the source of courage and strength.?
Above is the first sentence of this book. I bet it has gotten you interested so below is more information on a book that even J.K Rowling adores.
This great book starts off with a great poem by the author relating to the story that follows. It starts off with a young orphan girl named Maria who travels to Moonacre Manor. Everything seemed perfect just like she had finally come home after so long. Her new guardian is kind and funny, and everyone living in Moonacre is like an old friend.
However, beneath all this beauty and comfort lies a deep and dark tragedy. Maria is determined to find out about it, change it, and give her own life story a happy ending no matter what lay ahead of her.
This is a wonderful new-fashioned story that is just as satisfying and memorable as your favorite fairy tale. This book is a great present for young children with a liking for horses, yet love a great adventure. It will fit easy in any collection and will be enjoyable even when you pick it up for the second time. Many people have commented on this book and absolutely loved it. Why don?t you be among one of those people?
Don?t miss your chance with this book. Find it and spend time with the characters as they begin on there way to the Moonacre Manor in an old fashion carriage. Learn with them as Maria our little orphan girl finds things out that she never thought possible.

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