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(Saint Valmiki)

The Epic Ramayana written by St. Valmiki describes the life of King Rama, Emporer of Ayodhya. The struggles in his life, how he faced them with courage and wisdom thus giving the true form of a perfect man of quality, and valour.

Rama, meaning the end of darkeness, was born to Dasaradha as the first of his four children, others being Bharatha, Lakshmana and Sathrugna. He married Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, after succeeding the test of breaking the famous bow, Thrayambaka (of Lord Shiva).

He accepted the life in forest against the throne to fulfill the word of his father. He set of to live in forest for fourteen years with Seetha and Lakshmana. In forest his wife was taken away from him by Ravana, the demon king of Sri Lanka.

Rama sought the help of Sugreeva, the brother of great Bali, and made a deed with him. Rama would kill Bali and help Sugreeva to get the kingdom, in turn Sugreeva will help Rama to find his wife and save her.

After long search and a fierce battle that followed, Rama killed Ravana and rescued Seetha. In the mean time he gained a faithfull follower Hanuman who would even give his life for Rama.

After that Rama returns to his kingdom, but did not live happily forever. He had to give up his wife, his sons, all for the sake of his people. In the last time he even had to sacrifice Lakshmana, to keep with his word as an emporer.

Thus Valmiki describes Rama as the true and perfect man who stood for Dharma, even facing the deepest crisis, even sacrificing all his pleasures. As Mahatma Gandhi viewed, RamaRajya, or the Country of Rama is what every ruler should look forward to.

Today as the head of the states would sacrifice every values in life for the sake of their existance, the kingdom of Rama will remain a dream where every problem of even the lowest, or poorest citizen is treated as the problem of the emporer himself.

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