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Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
(John Grey)

This book, written by a Canadian writer John Grey, throws light on a man and woman psyche in general. After reading this book and going through John's advice, many couples have transformed their tense relationship into a joyous union.

Apart from gender difference, there are so many visible and invisible variations in the way men and women think and behave. From the very existence of Adam and Eve, there has been a perpetual attraction between man and woman. Eminent writer Oscar Wilde once wrote that man could neither live without woman nor live with her! Initially man and woman show very much enthusiasm in a newly built relationship, but later on their joie de vivre fades away. This can be attributed to the fact that both man and woman are unaware of certain basic characteristics of opposite sexes. This results in confrontation and arguments, which in turn act as a termite that slowly eats away the cream of the relationship.

Failure in relationship with the partner of opposite sex can be very painful and disgusting if not dealt properly. Numerous couples today are living a tense and compromising lives with their partners. They smile but hidden behind this smile is a pain stating that all is not well here. They live under a constant stress and sometimes pour out their anger on innocent kids. These kids? minds knowingly or unknowingly develop an impression that the relationship between man and woman has to be naturally tense. This type of mentality stops them from being a good husband or wife in future. The poisonous cycle goes on and on.

It is our responsibility to create cool pairs of men and women who are understanding, loving and caring towards each other. The foundation and formulation of a healthy society directly depends on the way man and woman think and live with each other.

For all those couples who wish to improve their marital life, this book is a wonderful solution. This book is a must-read for every person willing to stay committed to his/her partner.

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