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Pride And Prejudice
(Jane Austen)

Brief Synopsis:

Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen's delicate but telling satire of the English country gentle folk of her day--and indeed of her neighborhood it remains a delightful commentary upon the little foibles of human nature

The Bennet family consists of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters--Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia. They are all concerned with marrying to secure their romantic and economic future. Elizabeth is particularly concerned with a marriage in which she can retain her own identity. Close family friends are Colonel and Mrs. Lucas, who have the same concerns for their offspring. Charlotte Lucas is Elizabeth's best friend. She is pragmatic in matters of the heart, concerning herself with financial security rather than passionate love. As a practicality, she accepts a marriage proposal from the Bennet's cousin--although he had proposed and had been rejected by Elizabeth only a few days before. George Wickham is a spendthrift and scoundrel; he is concerned with marrying for money. Although a suitor for Elizabeth, he casts her aside for a young woman of wealth. He dallies with Lydia, and is forced by Mr. Darcy to marry the girl. Mr. Bingley is wealthy, amiable, and in love with Jane, who reciprocates his feelings. Mr. Darcy isn't convinced of Jane's sincerity, and interferes with their courtship. Against his will, he is attracted to Elizabeth. Miss Caroline Bingley is in love with Mr. Darcy's financial and social status, and makes every attempt to dissuade him from pursuing Elizabeth and to turn his attention toward herself. Lady Catherine is Collins' patroness and Darcy's aunt. She wants Collins to find himself a suitable wife (he does) and Darcy to marry her insipid daughter (he doesn't). Her rancorous statement against the impertinent Elizabeth to Darcy backfires, as she inadvertently lets Darcy know Elizabeth cares for him, which encourages him to again propose marriage, which she accepts.

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