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War Of The Worlds
(Herbert George Wells)

Humans, indifferent and complacent, were confident in their superiority over the other species of the world, and they observed their daily routine with absolute tranquility. But they did not take into account that for all time they had been being observed as one observes scores of bacteria multiplying in a single drop of water under a microscope...
The Earth was their goal, their anxiety, and they waited until the most opportune moment. And so they arrived, at the dawn of the 20th Century, a strange, resplendant wake crossing the sky over England. So it all began, this was the invasion they had planned for us. It was no more than a war between men and worms, and we were the worms.
H. G. Wells, considered one of the pioneers of science fiction in ranks including Jules Verne, relates in this work a fantastic invasion of our planet by Mars extraterrestrials from theirs. With the aid of a detailed and vivid narrative, the protagonist describes to us the terror and the nightmare experienced, from the moment the first destructive cylinder falls, until everything seems to be a disastrous chaos and an inexorable destruction. Machines decimate everything they find; weapons of mass destruction are useless. What will be the future of mankind on Earth? It seems that there is no hope.
Hundreds of passages, horrifying scenes and critical moments fill this vivid novel.
The account is an apt criticism of the English invasions of African territory during the colonial era, when global powers sought to expand capitalism and open the doors to globalization. H. G. Wells makes a perfect analogy of the worldwide situation around him, and ultimately a timeless classic among the genre of science fiction.

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