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Pride And Prejudice
(Jane Austen)

The story revolves around Mrs. Benett and her four daughters (Joan,
Elizabeth, Lydia and Mary). The story is set during the time period
when the richest person was thought to be the most eligible bachelor.Mrs.
Benett is constantly worrying about finding the right grooms for her
daughters. Joan the eldest is a mature and beautiful girl with a heart
of gold. Elizabeth is intelligent with a strong mind. Lydia at 16 is
pretty but is not worldly wise. Mary the youngest is loved most by Mr
and Mrs. Benett. Mary is fond of reading books. Joan meets Mr.
Bingley who is their new neighbor and the two like each other
instantly. He is rich and a very charming person. Darcy a friend of
Bingley, a very handsome young man is not happy to see the friendship
growing between Joan and his friend. He feels Mr Bingley is not serious
about Joan and wants to save her from the agony later on. Darcy and
Elizabeth did not start at a very good note but Darcy appreciates her
for her intelligence and talents. He starts loving her but is not able
to convey his true feelings to her. Lady Catherine wants to marry her
daughter (Anna) to Darcy and thus keeps poisoning their minds against
each other. In spite of that Elizabeth and Darcy fall in love. When she
is ready to express her feelings, she comes to know that he (Darcy) is
the one who was responsible for breaking her sister?s heart. A
misunderstanding develops between the two. Lydia elopes with a guy who
had earlier worked for Darcy. Darcy helps the family get her back safe
and sound. Darcy realizes his mistake and helps to bring Joan and
Bingley together. Darcy and Elizabeth finally get over their
misunderstanding and get married. Jane Austen has described the relationships beautifully in the book and each character seems so alive

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