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Africa; Which Way Forward
(daniel odarno)

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After several years of so called civilisation, it can be realized that it seems there is still no head way for africa. because we are still bound in poverty-Ghana, hunger-sudan, war- liberia,senegal and just recently cote de voire. Now one will ask how come a continent with so much resources, good climate, good temperature, adequate human resource among so many other favourable conditions still depend so much on donor support so much so that without it the mere exitance of africa is imparred.

For a moment lets look at African policies. If we consider west African countries for instance, Nigeria has oil, Ghana has gold, cocoa and recently salt, cote de voire has large tonnes of cocoa, Burkina faso has cotton, Togo has minerals and lots of arable land. It would have been most ideal if nigeria sells its oil to the countries in the sub region, buys cotton from B' faso, trade for cocoa with cote de voire so that for once the westeern world would not be needed in our trade zones and on our markets.
But come to think of it, Ghana with all our mineral deposit, cheap human resource, hydro electric facility built some 40 years ago but still running thanks to mother nature still is being considered by the G8 ( Allah bless those People) to relieve us of our debt.

Lets share an old african joke that geos like this. When nature was being made by God/ Allah/Buda/whoever, the spectators after releasing the amount of resources dumped of Africa and how scanty Europe was in created with resources asked the creator "why do you put gold,timber,iron,good climate in one place and winter, volcano, tonados,herricain in another place?, then the creator said wait till you see the people I put in charge of the place with all the resources"! sh

I trust so much that its about time that Africa stands up and face the realities of life, for as the old english adeage geos-' to whom much is given much is required'

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