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Tell Me Your Dream
(Sydney Sheldon)

?Tell me your dream? is a story about a character named Ashley Patterson who happens to suffer from a psychological disease called ?multiple personality disorder? and is the most important nail of the story which is very well hit by the author Sydney Sheldon.

This novel is a murder mystery. It also reveals the true social life of most of the people who are filled with too much of sexual desire that it ultimately leads to the humiliation of the mankind to an extent of landing him up with the social sin like incest. The story revolves around the main character, Ashley Patterson, describing the ways used by her to deal with frustration caused by various reasons. This murder mystery keeps the reader totally baffled about the murderer till the confession of the murderer, leaving the audience in surprise. It includes four murders of different people at different places but by the same person who is suspected to be the serial killer.The perception of the reader about the murderer keeps on changing as per the situation.This novel also has a scene of court case to prove the suspected killer as guilty.The way the young boy David (as a lawyer) handles the case despite of many personal problem is quite impressive.

This novel by Sydney Sheldon is worth reading for it drives you through the innocent love between the teenagers to the complex relationship between the father and the daughter. It also enlightens you with some interesting aspects of psychology, in our day to day life which sometimes unknowingly become our part of life, helping to heal our emotional imbalance. This novel should definitely interest everyone, for; it got me into the habit of reading who was allergic to reading novels. This novel is the most beautiful birthday present I ever got from my best friend.

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