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Gone With The Wind
(Margaret Mitchell)

Gone with the Wind is the story of one woman determined to obtain what she desires, at any cost. Scarlett O?Hara was becoming the most popular Southern belle in Jonesboro County on the eve of the American Civil war. Her father was a wealthy plantation owner, married to the ideal Southern wife. Scarlett?s mother, Ellen, was a great lady, kind, generous and self sacrificing. All Scarlett wanted out of life was to be a great lady like her mother and to become Mrs. Ashley Wilkes. It did not matter to Scarlett that she was nothing like her mother, being stubborn, selfish and manipulative. It also did not matter that Ashley Wilkes was engaged to his cousin Melanie. Melanie had the same attributes as Scarlett's mother. This made Scarlett hate her even more. The black haired beauty never understood why Ashley wanted someone so weak and mealy mouthed. Scarlett knewAshley need her strong determination to survive. Melanie never saw through Scarlett. She loved Scarlett as a best friend and sister. The shy Melanie never dreamed Scarlett hated her or desired her own husband. Through all of it, Scarlett?s nemesis Rhett Butler taunted her. The handsome cad saw through Scarlett?s deceptions and thought she was amusing. Rhett knew Scarlett was too high strung for a gentleman like Ashley. The black eyed devil repeatedly told Scarlett that they were both cut out of the same cloth. Knowing Scarlett twisted men until they would do anything she wanted, Rhett stayed aloof and out of her cruel clutches. Yet, Rhett was always there when Scarlett needed him the most. These four intertwined characters live, love, fight and hate during the American Civil war and the following reconstruction. As the world they know becomes a fleeting memory, they must change or risk living in the past that is gone with the wind.

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